free abrasive and fixed abrasive

Basic Knowledge




The processing with the free abrasive is a method using the slurries ( abrasives are mixed into water).
By using the slurries,abrasives rolls over the surface of the work, and the work is processed.

An abrasive rolls at the surface of the processing object to the lubrication by making a slurry and is processed.
In addition, maintenance and promotion of the performance may be expected by adding a medicine in a slurry.
Processing speed gradually decreases because the abrasive in the slurry is destroyed, so it is necessary to check the periodical density adjustment and exchange.
An abrasive plays a role as the buffer material and can expect it for risk reduction such as the damage, when a thickness difference and the irregularity of the processing object are big.


CIMG3961sFixed abrasive method is the way which the abrasive is fixed in the bond materials such as a resin or a metal.
 The abrasive of the part which stuck out from the surface of Bond  scratches the WORK, and it is processed.
In addition,  it shows a big effect for the improvement of the parallelism because only a contact part is processed.
Because new abrasives always come out because the bond materials are worn, processing speed becomes constant, and the quality is stable.
Because an abrasive is hardly included in grinding fluid, the consumption of the machine is largely reduced and it can also expect  reduction of the disposal cost.


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