Briller Meule


Briller Meule-Achieve Reduction in cost and Quality Improvement

Briller Meul is a diamond tool the diamond tool which forms a fixed abrasive plates by putting divided parts together.
 In addition, plate exchange became needless by making putting on and taking off facility by magnet wearing and became able to install many devices by limited space.

We carry out the test processing in our  R&D center and suggest Briller Meule for exclusive use of you.

If you are considering the examination with the Oscar machine or the test processing, please look at this.


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・Reduction of effective utilization of the space and the dressing work!
The tool exchange is a lift-free-Very easy even for women

・Because of stable grinding speed, it finishes designated thickness.
It reduces dressing work with exquisite combination balance.
There is also little tool consumption, and Constant rate control program is effectively used.

・Reduce waste cost in clean environment!!

free abrasive isn’t used, so waste is reduced substantially.

 Washing is also completed by a brushing and the shower.


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